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HR managers coordinate manpower requisition, bio-data entry, background verification, interviews, onboarding, induction, offer letters, and manage training plans, categories, and feedback. They also handle visitor appointments and gate pass generation.

  • Employee onboarding software
    Efficient HR Management with excels in managing the entire HR process, from initial manpower requisition to seamless onboarding. It facilitates requisition, ensures comprehensive bio-data entry, and integrates background verification for thorough candidate vetting. The platform orchestrates interview details with a structured approach to candidate evaluation. seamlessly transitions into onboarding, ensuring a cohesive and efficient integration of new hires.
  • Time tracking and attendance software

    Our HR Management Portal streamlines the onboarding process for new employees, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition into the organization. It provides a user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance, making the induction process hassle-free.

    With our portal, you can automate the creation and management of offer letters, simplifying communication with potential hires. This feature enhances the hiring process, making it more organized and time-efficient.

    This centralized repository allows you to manage and access information about employee skills, institutes, and faculty details. It facilitates informed decision-making in HR, enabling better utilization of employee expertise.

    Efficiently categorize and manage various training programs with this feature. It supports continuous employee development and skill enhancement by providing a structured approach to training management.

    Our portal enables you to plan and track employee training comprehensively. It fosters structured skill-building and professional growth within your organization, ensuring that your workforce remains updated and competitive.

  • Recruitment management software

    Streamline your training programs with our HR Management Portal by incorporating a robust training plan approval system. Ensure that training initiatives align with organizational goals and receive necessary approvals efficiently, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your workforce development strategies.

    Collect valuable insights and feedback on training sessions effortlessly. Our portal facilitates the easy gathering of feedback from participants, helping you assess the impact of training programs and continuously improve the quality of your learning initiatives.

    Simplify the process of scheduling visitor appointments within your organization. Our HR Management Portal provides a user-friendly interface to set up and manage visitor appointments, ensuring a smooth and organized experience for both visitors and your staff.

    Enhance security and control visitor access effectively. With our portal, you can efficiently manage the gate entry process, generating passes for authorized visitors. This feature adds an extra layer of security to your premises while providing a convenient and automated visitor management solution.

    Leverage advanced analytics tools within for valuable insights into HR metrics, enabling strategic workforce planning and optimization.

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