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The Sales Field Force Dealer App manages sales processes, including inquiry, quotation/revision, budgeting, order processing, and invoicing. It handles domestic/export orders, maintains price lists, sets targets, and tracks sales performance, with features for return/replacement and schemes/discounts management.

  • Dealer Management App
    Enhance your Sales Strategy with Cutting-Edge Sales Force Field Mobile App
    Experience a paradigm shift in your sales processes as introduces its innovative Sales Force mobile app. Designed to elevate productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, this app empowers your on-the-go sales team with a comprehensive suite of features. Stay ahead in the competitive market by embracing a tool that transforms how you approach and execute sales, ensuring success at every step.
  • Sales Force Automation Tool

    Our Sales Force mobile app enables efficient management of sales inquiries, allowing your team to promptly respond and follow up on potential leads. Streamline communication and enhance customer engagement for improved conversion rates.

    Easily create and revise sales quotations on the go. The app facilitates quick approval or cancellation processes, ensuring flexibility in your sales negotiations and a seamless quoting experience.

    Empower your sales team with the ability to set and monitor sales budgets on the mobile app. Real-time tracking of budgets enhances goal-oriented strategies and helps achieve sales targets efficiently

    Simplify the return and replacement process with our mobile app. Enable your sales force to handle return requests seamlessly, ensuring customer satisfaction and efficient inventory management.

    Expedite the order placement process with our app. Whether for domestic or export purposes, your sales team can effortlessly create and manage sales orders, enhancing order processing efficiency.

  • Dealer Sales Support App

    Tailor pricing strategies with ease. The app allows the creation of customer-specific or general price lists, ensuring dynamic and personalized pricing structures to meet diverse customer needs.

    Keep your sales force motivated and on track with set targets. The app provides a clear view of individual and team sales targets, fostering a goal-driven culture and optimizing overall sales performance.

    Monitor sales progress in real-time. The app offers comprehensive sales tracking features, allowing your team to analyze performance metrics and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

    Rectify errors swiftly with invoice cancellation capabilities. The app enables quick and hassle-free cancellation of sales invoices, ensuring accuracy in financial transactions.

    Boost sales with dynamic schemes and discounts. The app facilitates easy implementation of promotional schemes and discounts, empowering your sales force to attract customers and close deals effectively.

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