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Enhance customer relations and marketing advantages through streamlined processes, including sales order management, budget allocation, activity planning, material requisition, billing/material/inspection flagging, and plan vs. actual status tracking.

  • Project management ERP solutions
    How's Project Management Framework Revolutionizes Project Efficiency
    The ultimate companion for project success. It streamlines from Project Sales Order to budget mastery, effortlessly organizing tasks and ensuring clear responsibilities. Handling materials seamlessly, tracking progress, and maintaining top-notch quality with inspections, it's your go-to for smooth project management. From billing alerts to easy invoicing, this framework simplifies the complex, guaranteeing not just project success, but long-term thriving.
  • Cloud-based ERP project management

    At the project's outset, a detailed sales order is created. This document serves as a blueprint, outlining the project's scope, objectives, and initial requirements.

    Once the project is initiated, a comprehensive project plan is developed. Budgets are then allocated to various components of the project, ensuring clear financial planning and efficient use of resources.

    To enhance workflow efficiency, project tasks are grouped into activity categories, and a specific activity list is defined. This organization aids in better planning and execution of project activities.

    Planning takes place at two levels: activity groups and individual activities. This dual approach optimizes resource allocation, helping to adhere to project

    Responsibilities for each project activity are clearly outlined, distinguishing between internal and external contributors. This clarity enhances accountability within the project team.

  • Customizable project management ERP software

    To maintain a smooth workflow, material requisitions are generated, and necessary materials are issued promptly. This process ensures that resources are readily available for project tasks.

    Real-time recording of project status is maintained, categorized based on responsibilities. This approach facilitates effective communication and tracking of progress among team members.

    Specific criteria for project inspections are established to maintain consistent adherence to quality standards throughout the project's lifecycle.

    Inspection results are systematically documented. This comprehensive recording provides an overview of the quality control measures implemented during the project.

    Activities are flagged based on their relevance to billing, material requirements, and inspections. This systematic approach streamlines project management, ensuring a proactive response to critical project milestones.

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